How We're Different

What Makes Different From A Random Search Engine Result or Other Online Directories?

When we go to a search engine and look for a contractor for a home improvement project, what we get is a random list of results. It's a mix of paid advertisers, random companies and online directories.

But how do we know which if the results are honest, trustworthy and experienced? 

We don't!

We often rely on reviews and reviews are certainly part of the equation when finding a good company, but only a small part of the overall equation. We can't rely on reviews alone. Many homeowners have reported choosing a company based on reviews only to be severely disappointed. Again, reviews are only part of the recipe in finding a good contractor.  

If we take it 1 step further and click through to an online directory, we still don't know if those results are are honest, trustworthy and experienced companies. 

Many of these online directories claim they "pre-screen" and "background check" the companies they send to homeowners. But do they? We can't say one way or another whether they do or not, or to what degree, but here's what we can say... 

If these other online directories are so reliable, why is that when we perform background checks on the same companies they have listed with their network, a vast amount of them are declined by Companies that would never, ever be approved to be listed on are readily available on many of the other online directories. 

That's a problem. It still requires us as users to be cautious when choosing who to do business with.

What's the point of providing an online directory if the results are still a crap shoot? 

In the end, if we want to make sure we get a good quality job, we still have to perform in depth research of the companies that are presented to us i order to protect ourselves. That's a lot of work. Not insurmountable but still, a lot of work. 

What makes different is simple

At, we believe that if we're going to claim to have a list of great companies, we should provide our users with just that. Great companies and nothing less.

We perform an in depth pre-screening process and a "Best Practices" background check on each and every company listed with All companies must meet our strict criteria in order to be listed as one of our recommended pros. There are no sacred cows. Not only that, but if they fail to uphold the reputation they were approved with, they're swiftly removed from our network. 

When you search for a pro on Trust, we provide you with a list of distinguished companies that have a proven reputation of being honest, trustworthy and experienced. 

Simply put, we've done all of the hard work for you.

We're not a big corporation beholden to investors and board of directors.

At, we're here to please you, the user. 

If you put your trust in us, our responsibility is to do our best to maintain that trust. 

The bottom line: We wouldn't send you a company that we wouldn't send to our own mother. Period.
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