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Asphalt contractors, concrete contractors, kitchen remodelers, general contractors... whatever type of home improvement project you're looking to have done, our vast network of great companies are ready to serve you.

Patrick, the founder of Trust Patrick Referral Network has been a contractor himself for almost 40 years.

"I started my first construction company at the young age of 17. I soon realized that not all projects are created equally.

I often found myself competing with contractors that cut corners and underbid jobs so much that the end result was the homeowner with a nightmare job and money lost. They'd always call me after the damage was done, asking me to fix it. 

I decided to do something about it and started A place where consumers could go to find honest and reliable contractors and get the most up to date education on home improvement projects." 

Trust Patrick is becoming the #1 place to go to find great companies. 


Because we don't just send you a list of companies that simply pay for leads. We connect you with vetted, distinguished pro's.
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Save money, save time and save yourself from heartache with Trust Patrick Recommended Contractors!

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How It Works

You want a simple way to find companies you can trust. 

We have a simple solution.

The Services

Select the top level service category and sub-service category that specifically matches your project.

The Details

Tell us a little about your project and how our awesome contractors can contact you. Then just submit your request.

The Companies

We'll send your request to up to 3 of our Official Members. Simultaneously we send you their contact info so you know who to expect to hear back from. 

The Result

Get your estimates, compare them apples to apples and rest easy knowing you're in good hands with great companies.

We've done all the hard work... so you can rest easy!


  • Patrick Mattingley



    Patrick is the name behind the brand Trust Patrick bringing over 38 years of construction experience and over 14 years of web development experience.

     When Patrick's not hosting his video/podcast show, you can find him working around his ranch taking care of the animals. Patrick enjoys the outdoors, waterskiing and snow skiing.

  • Joe. Business development


    Co Host & Business Consultant

    Joe brings over 35 years of business consulting experience to the TrustPatrick Referral Network. Joe is also the co-host of the Consumers Corner Show . 

    When Joe isn't helping businesses, you can find him enjoying the outdoors with his family. 

    Joe's #1 priority is quality time with his family and taking time to enjoy life with them. 

  • Thomas K. Lead developer.


    Lead Developer

    Thomas brings over 16 years of backend development to Trust Patrick. A loyal team member since 2009, Thomas has been an integral part of the growth and expansion of our company.

    When Thomas isn't working, you'll find him spending time with his wife and 2 children. Thomas enjoys traveling and showing his children the beautiful countryside.  

A team of Consumer Advocates here to help solve problems, answer questions and listen to complaints. 


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Watch, Listen Or Join The Conversation

We've got your back! We'll answer your questions, listen to your complaints and hopefully make you laugh a little.

Watch or listen in on our live video/podcast show!

Customer Reviews

"Big help and indeed, honest vlog. Really appreciate directness. No fluff." - PS
"Great videos and advice. You've saved me money on more than one project. Thank you!" - AS
"Patrick is an awesome guy who is willing to help out in any way he can." RL


Company Verification

Researching the reputation of a company?

Want to verify a company listed with Trust Patrick?

Read reviews, see ratings and verify you're doing business with an Official Recommended Company.


Want to make sure your project runs smoothly?

Need help vetting a company?

We want to help you enjoy your home improvement project and get the job done right the first time. 

Learn more about our consulting services. 
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Something gone wrong with a business?

Feel you've been given less than professional service by a company?

Can't get a company to respond?

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Distinguished, vetted, and experienced professionals helping homeowners get quality results.



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